Thursday, 30 April 2015

How to succeed in SFI!

Welcome from Ruth your sponsor in the UK
SFI offer numerous income resources. 
1. Affiliate program. 2. Gaming Opportunities. 3. Paid for shopping and selling.
View my Badges, all the proof you need for SFI Success. On line for over 15 years.
If you are here for the entertainment. Great
Other gaming sites charge a fortune monthly for participation.
SFI provide a variety of games. Huge rewards and Bonuses.
If you have a store apply for your ECA website today.
Team Support is the key.
Email me for my training guide on how to do your listings.
No Store No Problems. YOU have your own Free Garage Sale Website.
Clean out the house. Turn those unwanted treasures into dollars.

SFI Affiliate Program. I have tested 1000's of sites. 
SFI is the best for Team Leader bonuses and rewards its team leaders with shares and FREE CSA members monthly. 
Unheard of else where.
All you need to do is to put the SFI training into Action.
1. Log into your account and go through your "TO-DO LIST" step by step daily.
Click all red buttons above. They will turn green when you verify them at the bottom with clicking the Blue Button.
For points displaying an asterisk (*), you must click the green "V" in the top right corner of the page to be awarded the points.
A min. 1,500 VP/max. 2,000 VP from sales/purchases each month can be used towards Team Leader qualification.
2. Refer to your VP Ledger
Check all emails daily, learning while earning with the VP ledger.
Log in and participate daily with the to do list.
YOU should aim to spend at least half an hour daily. Exploring all SFI have on offer.

Most important try to achieve the Fast Track Bonus.
As you establish your SFI Business. This adds to your commission earnings down the track.
YOU will be missing out on a lot of money if you let it slip you by. Well worth the investment.
Expecting everything for nothing with out the involvement. Will of course generate no results.

If you have ever wanted to create a successful online business, you've come to the right place.
It takes experience - which can take you years to develop... or which can be provided to you FREE.
The real test is not about earning in the first few months.
It should be about setting up your network and setting goals to start growing that nest egg. 

This is why I love SFI. It is not about the money you might earn. 
It is about the entertainment they provide, the bargains on offer. The new network of people you meet. 
Whether Old or Young. Housebound or Bored. SFI will provide you with all you need.
Others try to duplicate SFI but never achieve the same success. 
Disappearing into the night in a few short months.
You could spend thousands of dollars else where, believing all the hype. 
Or follow the SFI Plan they provide to you FREE.
Cheers Ruth
Bronze Team Leader.

Why YOU should join SFI!

Why YOU join SFI ?

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The number one reason for joining SFI is given as ‘ to make more money’.

Number two is the ‘desire for freedom’.

The biggest challenge is always given as ‘overload of information and feeling overwhelmed’.

Looking at number 1 – There are more ways to make money with SFI than any other online business. To find out about all the different ways you can earn money 
- log on to your homepage,
- go to the ‘income’ button,
- click on ‘compensation plan.

Looking at number 2 - The desire for freedom – we want the freedom to work for ourselves, owning our own business and working the hours we choose, and having the prospect of unlimited income based on our own efforts, rather than working all the hours god sends, for someone else where however much time and effort we put in, we get the same paycheck each month and only the boss benefits!

The biggest challenge – overload of information and feeling overwhelmed. I felt this when I first joined SFI and after logging on for a few days, left it sat on my computer for months doing nothing! 
I then decided to take another look at it and worked my way through the ‘launchpad’ lessons and ‘getting started. By doing this in my first active month, I was able to become EA and received 14 co-sponsored affiliates, some of whom were active and earned me my first commissions, giving me the confidence to continue.
If at any time I felt overwhelmed (and I did) then I hit the ‘back to basics’ button until I felt comfortable again.
I love SFI now and do not want to work for anyone else ever again!

Give it a try and hopefully you will make it a success too!

Good luck, Ruth Corser